Real Estate Investing for Doctors: Proven Strategies for Practice Professionals

American doctors work an average of 51.4 hours (post residency) per week. That is just an average. A detailed breakdown shows more than 26 percent of doctors working 60 hours per week, and more than 7 percent hitting that 71-80 hour range. While some of this may be driven by a genuine passion for providing great care for patients, much of it is driven by other factors: patient schedules, other obligations such as insurance filings, financial goals and the challenges and headaches of managing a practice – in the midst of juggling not only a busy career, but the obligations of family, etc. Investing and “retirement” can often take a back burner. The problem is, with such a busy, intense career, how do you stay on top of investments for doctors?

The majority take the path of least resistance – often abdicating the majority of investing decisions to an “advisor” who usually provides the standard fare: traditional 401ks, a portfolio of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and a plan that typically puts a retirement date at some far away, mystical point in the future. It’s not ideal, but it’s at least something. After all, do you really want to be worrying about what your investments are doing when you are headed into surgery? Okay, how about maxing your 401K? Will the 401K’s annual contribution limits truly help you reach your max investment potential? And what about that school debt that chips away at your income and investments? There is a better way. Investments for doctors can be secure, easy, and best of all – profitable; IF you have the right blueprint.

What is the Freedom Founders investments for doctors’ plan?

Founded by David Phelps, D.D.S., Freedom Founders’ investments for doctors are the ultimate way to enjoy a steady stream of passive income that creates more freedom in your life NOW, without waiting until some distant retirement date. Investments for doctors that are offered by Freedom Founders leverage a collaborative network that invests together in secure real estate opportunities. The capital base generates sustainable, predictable income, which is delivered to the investors. The real estate investments are secured by real, tangible assets, and the collaborative network approach allows for mitigated risk and larger investment purchases. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Replacing your active income NOW – a change of mindset.

Freedom Founders’ investments for doctors are an easy and secure way to increase wealth and create more choices/options in your life. We do real estate really, really well. But real estate is only a part of what we do. The real transformation occurs at a much deeper level. We help you transform your mindset.

All your life, you have heard that the only way to financial freedom is to go to school, work very hard for the majority of your life, invest in the stock market, and then retire and enjoy your final years. The problem is, if you retire at 65 (which is getting harder to do in this economy) and the average lifespan is 78.79, you’ve got around 13 years (while aging) to enjoy your “time off.” You put in decades for this. Does that sound fair?

The new money mindset lets passive income help you now and sets you up for your future. This mindset involves a radical shift away from the old style of thinking – that keeps so many doctors stuck on the hamster wheel of trying to earn more, work harder and longer.

Freedom Founders’ investments for doctors works, and we want to show you why.  Connect with us today if you are ready for the freedom that a new money mindset can bring. Click here to get started on your new journey.

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