Meet Dr. Brady Frank of Premier Care Dental & a Freedom Founders Trusted Advisor

Experienced Advisor for Dentist & Orthodontist Practice Management

Dr. Brady Frank for orthodontist dentist practice management

Dr. Brady Frank of Premier Care Dental & a Trusted Advisor for Freedom Founders
Focus: Practice Management

Dr. Brady Frank is a third-generation dentist, and has been practicing dentistry for over 17 years. He has invested heavily in continuing education to offer his patients the most comfortable and long-lasting dentistry available. Dr. Frank is on the forefront of implant dentistry, because implants offer a long-term fix for broken down and missing teeth. Outside of the practice, Dr. Frank trains and educates other dentists nationally on a variety of clinical and non-clinical topics. As a national lecturer, he is a strong proponent of making dentistry more affordable for the public.

Dr. Frank has been married to his lovely wife Londa for 15 years, and they have three boys. He enjoys the outdoors and regularly plays golf, fly fishes and skies.

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