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Getting the Band Back Together - Dr. David Phelp's New Book

"Getting The Band Back Together"

How a Band of Renegades Rediscovered Their Lives and Gained Total Financial & Time Freedom in Less Than 36 Months

You’ve read the stories of doctors who have transformed their lives.

Now it's your turn

Enjoy the following resources and turn the table to recapture your life! Freedom doesn’t have to be a mystical someday.

Tools & Resources

State of the Markets - Special Presentation

In this well-researched presentation, Dr David Phelps examines where we are in the market cycle, and why the government needs inflation today to keep up with the promises made. Dr Phelps also reveals how the great wealth transfer has begun, and how investors should be thinking differently to protect your wealth.

Who Controls Interest Rates?

An exclusive ‘Members Only’ presentation by Alastair J. Macdonald on “Who Controls Interest Rates?”  

The Four Quadrants of Real Estate Investing

How and where do you invest in real estate?  What type of returns and risks should I expect?  David steps you through in this training where investments in real estate fall in the four quadrants of investing and how to structure your portfolio for success.

Take Your Retirement Scorecard Assessment

Benchmark your retirement and wealth-building against hundreds of other practice professionals, and get personalized feedback on your biggest opportunities and leverage points.

How Much Is Enough?

What if everything we’ve been told by Wall Street and the accumulation model of building assets has been the wrong way to look at retirement?  How much is really enough so you can quit working and live your life under your terms and conditions?  Dr. David Phelps guides you through an assessment in this webclass to determine just how much is enough!

Real Estate Syndications

Real Estate syndications are a hot topic but there's a lot that investors must understand and know in order to be successful or avoid calamity.  Dr. David Phelps explores what you need to know about these offerings. 

The Passive Landlord

In this webclass, Dr. Hiru Mathur and Dr. David Phelps discuss her transformation and steps into passive, cash flow producing real estate without the headaches of dealing with tenants, fixing toilets, or collecting rent.  You’ll learn how to take the same steps Dr. Mathur's took to develop passive income-producing properties. 

How to Use Retirement Accounts to Invest in  Real Estate

Dr. David Phelps and Derreck Long of Quest Trust Company share their expertise on utilizing 401k's, IRAs, and other similar funds to work for you in a bigger and better way.  Learn what kind of strategies and methods to use and exactly what you can and can't do with your retirement accounts

Finding True Success

Larry Yatch speaks at a Freedom Founders Event about how you can find True Success and what it can mean for you!

Larry Yatch speaks at a Freedom Founders event
Paul Moore and Dr. David Phelps at the Freedom Founders Event

The Boring Investor

Paul Moore speaks on why being a "Boring Investor" can actually be the best way you can invest!

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