Are You Protecting Your Freedom?

Many of us will take time off today to be with friends and family and celebrate our nation’s Independence Day.  Barbeques, rodeos, fun and games topped off with a glorious fireworks show!

Our forefathers and their families put everything on the line for us some 240 years ago.  

They had a cause, a mission, and that was to escape the tyranny and taxation from the King of England.

Fail and their lives would be ended.

What Are You Doing Today to Protect Your Freedom?

Have you ever stopped for a moment and considered what this Land of the Free and Home of the Brave would be if not for those brave men and women?  What if they had considered the risk and decided that, while life under the rule of England was not ideal, it was at least a life.  What if they had backed down from their conviction for freedom?

We celebrate our freedom, but do we really recognize the true sacrifice made by our founding fathers?  Do we fully understand the commitment they made, knowing that what they set out to do was a do or die effort – there would be no turning back.

What about you?  How are you protecting your freedom?

Thirteen years ago I had an epiphany…it was more or less shoved down my throat.

I thought I had been doing the right thing.  I thought that working harder and longer to provide security for my family was the right thing.  I believed that if I continued down this path long enough that “someday” I would find freedom and could begin living my life.

But my daughter, Jenna, would not wait for someday.  In 2004, that someday was NOW!

Jenna had already survived two and a half brutal years fighting high-risk leukemia, four years of uncontrolled epilepsy and now faced a crucial life-saving liver transplant – at the age of 12.

I had no freedom.  

I was blessed to be able to work hard and trade time for dollars as a dentist, but that didn’t provide Jenna what she really needed…a father.  A father that could spend time with her whether she was sick or well.

And that’s when I decided…I decided NO MORE!  I decided to sell the practice and leave clinical dentistry so that I could spend all available time with Jenna.

Fortunately, I had a Plan B.  Developed from my first year in dental school when I invested in my first real estate rental property with the help of my father.

Twenty years later, that one property had turned into thirty-five cash flow producing properties that provided me with my Plan B “get out of jail card.”  I had enough passive cash flow from the real estate to replace my active dentist income.

THAT was my Freedom Day.

It wasn’t an easy decision…but it wasn’t hard, either.  Jenna meant everything to me as anyone’s child would.  

Jenna will turn 25 next month.  She has overcome more in her quarter of a century than most will ever face in a lifetime.  She is a survivor.  She taught me a number of lessons through her pain – fortunately I got the message before it was too late.

There is a path to Freedom – which is another word for having options – not having to live your life based on society or other people’s agenda.  

The Freedom Blueprint.

I know the formula. I’ve helped countless other dentists and professional practice owners achieve their freedom.

I do it through a community called Freedom Founders.

You may have heard about it.  It’s very unique – nothing like it anywhere.  It’s based on integrity and organic relationships, speed and implementation, accountability and a Board of Advisors.

Freedom Founders is not for everyone.  I have denied access to folks that weren’t a good fit.  But for those who are a fit and are willing to commit to action, this is the place to make it happen.

If you’ve been hanging around for a while, reading my blogs, watching my videos and webinars, and have read my book, your time for action might be now.

How will you know?  Go to and fill out the online survey application.  Once submitted, you’ll be given the opportunity to speak on the phone with Dr. John Harasin, one of our top Elite members, who in just over two years went from “chained to his practice” to “practice sold!” all because he learned how to orchestrate sustainable lifetime cash flow through real estate.

Taking no action is also a decision.  Just make sure you are intentional in whatever decision you make.  What I can promise you is that if you are waiting for  “someday.” It will never arrive unless you take committed action now!

I’m only looking for those who are coachable and able to admit that they know the current path is not taking them where they want to go.  If that’s you, then stop procrastinating and take action.  The risk is very small – the upside gain is huge.  

How much is your Freedom worth to you?  Do you value your freedom as much as our founding fathers when they fought for our country?

Are you willing to fight for your Freedom?

Make today the day of your epiphany – click the link, fill out the application and hit submit.  Don’t stop there – schedule a call with Dr. John Harasin and find out if you are a good fit for Freedom Founders.

Always stay focused on your freedom,


P.S.  Our next quarterly Freedom Founders meeting in Dallas is a little over a month away.  We accept only a limited number of guest applicants to each meeting.  One of those could be you – IF YOU TAKE ACTION!



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