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by Dr David Phelps

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 lot of people get excited about Real Estate when they’re looking for investment opportunities outside the Wall Street arena. Historically, Real Estate has always been a great place to invest money – 

 but you’ve got to do it the right way.

Passive investors, like myself and the Freedom Founders community, invest through other people into the right kinds of Real Estate. We invest with boots on the ground operators – they are the ones finding the deals for us. There’s a big difference between operators, and aggregators or promoters.

Let’s say I want to invest in a single-family residential turnkey property. A true operator locates the property, negotiates a good deal, renovates the house, places tenants, and continues to manage the property for you.

A lot of great operators are out there, but they’re not great at promoting themselves because they’re busy!

Promoters or aggregators are the people who find the boots-on-the-ground operators and say, “Hey, I’ll market these properties for you.” They’re good at marketing, but there’s a disconnect. They aren’t finding the properties, doing the renovations, or managing the tenants and repairs themselves.

They make promises to you based on some kind of relationship they have (usually financial). They collect a nice chunk for promoting the investment on behalf of the operator, which raises your entry level price.

The biggest problem is the disconnect. The promoter/aggregator is not there to keep the relationship going, to make sure there are no holes in the deal or problems with the property or tenants.

So stay away from the aggregators and promoters – unless you want to pay a higher fee and have a disconnect throughout the whole investment opportunity. 

The biggest problem investors face is where to find operators. 

You can find them by attending Real Estate meetup groups in your hometown. Or, you can be a part of Freedom Founders, where we bring the operators directly to you. We’re not middlemen – Freedom Founders is not a promoter or aggregator. We have relationships directly with the operators. You’ll get to meet the operators and build your own relationships with them – we’re just the connectors.

Go directly to the source. Don’t let middleman promoters and aggregators get in between you and what you want - the cash flow that leads to freedom.
To your freedom!

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