Author Bob Ueber

Skepticism. Fear. Apprehension.

Those were the things I had to go through.

But that’s what change requires.

Overcoming those things was the only way to the other side.



My story is one of going through life following the normal financial path.

Nobody told me it wasn’t going to work. I had to find that out myself.

I had to get my mind out of the way, because the beliefs that had been instilled in me were turning out to not be true.

I’ll be honest. This was scary.

And if I hadn’t chosen to overcome it, fear would’ve crippled me.

The fact is, if you want to rise above the status quo in anything in life, two fears must go.

You can’t be afraid of taking new steps, and you can’t be afraid of failure.

I did get my mind out of the way, I did eradicate those limiting beliefs, and it didn’t just “help”.

It changed my perspective 180 degrees. It lifted a set of scales off of my eyes.

The sad truth is, there’s a world of possibilities that most people will never see.

In fact, most people will never even know it exists.

This kind of stuff can change lives. That’s why my friends and I wrote The Ultimate Freedom Prescription.

We want to share these things with others, with you, so that you can experience the same freedom.

We’ve all gotten to the other side, and there’s a reason why none of us have any interest in going back to where we used to be.



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