Why Your Dental Practice Isn’t Different

“But David, my dental practice is different….”

I get this response often.

I was in Austin recently with my friend, Bill Gough, at his insurance agency mastermind.

(Don’t think insurance agents and dentists have much in common? Think again.)

These business owners have common enemies, just like we do. 

For example:

Did you know there are auto dealerships giving out insurance for car buyers – not just auto coverage, but property and life insurance… even commercial insurance?

Who’d have thought?

And then there's GEICO (you know, the cute lizard in the commercials).

Even Google, Jeff Bezos and Amazon are threats… Goliaths that are turning their eye toward the insurance industry

Tough times to be selling insurance.

What's the point?  

Dentistry and health care are not the only industries undergoing massive change.

It’s not just your dental practice.

It’s not just your situation.

It’s not just you.

The writing is on the wall.

Enemies must be identified and understood. They are not to be feared.

(UNLESS one sticks his head in the sand and tries to ignore the massive changes and “hope” that he won't be affected…)

Hope is not a strategy.

These particular insurance folks weren’t tucking tail and running.  

Ohhh no.

They realized that to remain independent and build financial security, THEY ALSO MUST CHANGE…and that's not easy to do!

IF… you try to do it alone.

These insurance agency owners were onto something: The Power Of A Mastermind. 

A community who digs deep into the strategies and tactics of creating a unique offering of tremendous value

And then hold each other’s feet to the fire and make real changes.

That’s the way we serve each other in our Freedom Founders Mastermind.

We’re a community of dentists, docs, and practice pros committed to creating real freedom.

True Education + Strong Relationships + Focus = Personal Freedom

That’s how to turn your practice into the engine that drives investments to build wealth and create passive income.

Our Board of Trusted Advisors and hand-picked colleagues provide feedback, clarity and focus.

Bottom line: Your dental practice isn’t different. But it can be.

It's up to you… keep doing what you've always done and keep getting the same results, OR…

Take a look at something new… very new… not traditional, but with a definitive track record (we're changing dentist's lives every quarter).

A Mastermind could be your next step.

Click here to learn more about Freedom Founders

The greatest risk of all is the risk of doing nothing at all.

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