Should You Fire Your Financial Advisor?

It’s a question that I get a lot. It’s a personal question, though; you have to make your own considerations. I’m not here to give you legal or tax advice.

But here’s what I know from my experience and from many others who have walked with me on the path to real freedom…

You have to be the orchestrator of your own financial future.



There’s a problem with the traditional financial planning mode.

You work hard, scrape together a few dollars after taxes and overhead, then turn them over to a financial planner who puts them on Wall Street and whatever product of the day they’re selling.

That’s not a strategy that works anymore.

The paper markets like Wall Street are far too volatile.

Yes, they go up, and we’re at a high point right now. But they fall very, very rapidly. And when they do, people lose a decade of their life.

How many decades can you afford to lose?

In real estate, I can control those cycles. I can control my timing, where I invest, and how I invest.

I can protect myself so I don’t lose 50% on my principle every 10 years. In fact, I don’t lose my principle at all in real estate.

It just keeps growing… and growing… and growing. And maybe it stabilizes for a short time, but it keeps on growing.

I know how to work those markets, and I know plenty of people who do the same thing.

Is it easy? No. But you can do it.

So… should you fire your financial advisor? Look closely at who you’re taking advice from.

Have they actually created true financial freedom in their life?

Doubtfully so, or they wouldn’t still be doing what they’re doing.

But it’s up to you. You have to make that decision. I’ll just tell you this…

Following the majority is never a great idea.



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