Freedom is Created by Wealth… and Wealth is Created by….

A quick look at Freedom, and how to create it fast.

The Freedom Secret

As we know too well, high-income does not equate to freedom. Often, it equates to time shackles. Only wealth gives us the keys to the shackles – an opportunity to live the lifestyle we want and have the time freedom to enjoy it.

Income is created by what we DO (and do, and do).

Wealth (aka “Freedom”) is created by what we OWN.

A statement published in June 2015 estimated Donald Trump’s net worth at 8.7 billion.1 Do you think that amount of wealth is generated by doing stuff, or by owning stuff?

The Donald doesn’t “do real estate” or “do businesses”. He owns real estate, he owns real businesses (remember, a real business isn’t solely dependent on the owner).

Owning or controlling real assets puts the keys to freedom in your hands.

Freedom – when our doing is no longer a function of necessity, but one of choice.

The Path to Freedom

The path to freedom can be a simple transition.

A transition from active income (mostly doing) to passive cashflow (mostly owning). It can happen a lot faster than you think. How?

Do you remember hearing the three most important things in real estate?

  1. Location
  2. Location
  3. Location

For wealth building, the path to real freedom, it’s:

  1. Access
  2. Access
  3. Access

With access to the right people and the right information, you can shave several years and loads of stress off of your timeline.

How did you learn to do the things you do? Did you shadow someone more experienced and learn his or her method? Did you start by practicing in a low-risk environment?

You can learn how to own things in exactly the same way.

I think self reliance is an exceptional trait, and in my experience, dentists are often well endowed in this area.

Many of my closest colleagues like to learn how to do things on their own, but here is the secret: they don’t start anything that way.

They start with a board of advisors made up of mentors and colleagues who can share their experiences and especially their mistakes – so you don’t have to make them for yourself!

We understand that the fastest way to success is by copying someone else’s.

We all get together to blast out the cobwebs and smash through barriers – once a quarter at the Freedom Founders Mastermind. We’re a think tank, brain trust and family all rolled into one. And we sleep great each night, knowing we have a freedom plan to secure our financial future.

At Freedom Founders, we don’t cross our fingers and hope for the best.

Because there’s so much interest in (and confusion about) Wealth Building using Real Assets and basic Estate Planning strategies, we’re giving this important topic the attention it deserves at a one-day event.

Get the details about the Wealth Building + Estate Planning full-day workshop here.

Here’s What Can Happen

Dr. John Harasin of Saginaw, MI visited us for the first time a little over a year ago.

At the time, he wasn’t sure when he would be able to sell his practice and retire. He was afraid that the limited opportunity and turbulence in the markets would limit the income from his capital investments and hurt the equity in his practice. After a few days at the Freedom Founders Mastermind, John had an action plan and a board of advisors to help him implement it.

Today, since becoming a member of Freedom Founders, John has successfully deployed his capital into safe and secure residential real estate that is producing more than enough cash flow for him and his wife, Jeannie, and the practice is for sale!

Make the Freedom Choice

Decide to be free. Decide you and your family deserve it. Commit to finding and walking your freedom path for 1-3 years, so you can live the rest of your life on your terms.

Remember, wealth building is always possible, even simple, with the right access.

To your Freedom,

David Phelps, D.D.S.
(retired and loving it…)

P.S. Real estate is also a great hedge against that hidden tax… Inflation.

Join us for a one-day workshop on wealth building and asset protection. Details here:

1 Published in the June ‘15 issue of Business Insider.

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