Freedom Stories – Mitch Guess

Freedom Stories - Mitch Guess

I was looking for an answer.

The stock market had plummeted, and I had lost a ton of money.



Everyone was telling me to put my money in the stock market; they promised it would make me money every time.

Well, I tried that – and they were wrong.

I experienced 2-3 crashes along the way, and I finally realized that enough was enough.

I met David in 2014, at an investment gathering in Florida.

I sat there and listened to him, and he gave me a book to read.

I had never heard this information before. I had never known about the opportunities that were available.

I thought what I heard from him was too good to be true.

That you could direct your investments. That you could find freedom for you and your family.

I was skeptical that first day, but as I met other people and verified that these things were possible, I made my mind up.

It’s a wonderful thing to find that there are other people in this world who are like-minded; who are looking for freedom just like you.

Freedom Founders gave me a goal to set, something to strive for – and it gave me direction.

I jumped in, and I haven’t looked back.


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