Going Back To Work At Age 70

Many of us were sold a bill of goods. “Just work harder, you'll be wealthy one day.”

You will work yourself to death that way.

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In our conversation, Dave Van Horn tells this story about his father. Working hard all his life, saving and socking away to build a nest egg, he finally had enough to retire at age 65. Five years later his retirement was ripped away when a market downturn eviscerated his traditional plans.

401ks went to 201ks in a minute. Market crashes don't discriminate.

That was enough to push Dave into non-traditional wealth building strategies like real estate. Options with more control and more stability. Check out the discussion.

Peek inside:

  • How to own real assets without tenants and toilets.
  • The two ways to wealth.
  • How to hedge against market crashes (including the real estate market).
  • Why you don't want to (or have to) do what Dave does.

Top economists say it's normal to see two major downturns per decade.

Learn how to grow your portfolio during the ups and the downs. Get complete access to my interview with Dave Van Horn.

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To your freedom!
David Phelps, D.D.S
(“Retired” – and loving it!)

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