I Hate Asking for Directions

I've got to admit it – I hate asking for directions.

I think you men know what I'm talking about.

I've always been a guy who wants to figure it out for myself. I make my own path, make my own way, and I don’t like asking for help.



Even if I’m in an area that I’m completely unfamiliar with, and I don’t know where to go, I won’t stop and ask for directions.

Why? Pride. Ego.

I've learned that lesson the hard way.

(And not just because my wife always says, “Hey, let's just stop and ask for directions” – or many times, she just knows the directions and I don’t.)

But what I've learned is, you don't get anywhere in life if you don't ask for some help.

That’s okay. We can't know everything.

There's tons of information out there today. You can google things, but the fastest way to get from point A to point B in any area of life, is to ask for directions.

Where do I get my best information? Where do I get the guidance I need in my life, whether it's business or personal?

It's from other people I know I can trust. It's being part of a board of advisors, a mastermind, a group of thought leaders. People who I know, like, and trust.

People who will give me that direction, and allow me to be vulnerable and ask questions – and who will be vulnerable and ask questions themselves.  

We all have to drop our ego at the door and say, “There are some things I just don’t know.”

And if I connect with my network, if I collaborate with people who have the know-how and have already gone down a certain path, it can save me a lot of time and trouble.

I'm going to tell you, it's worth it to do that.

So drop your ego, drop your pride, and get with a mastermind group. Develop your own if you don't have one, but find a good one.

It's the fastest track to success.

That's what I do in my life. I'm a part of numerous masterminds, and I run my own mastermind group, Freedom Founders, for that very reason.

Strategic alliances are extremely powerful in life – you just have to learn how to put them together, and how to leverage them.


If you’re interested in becoming a part of our mastermind, start here: https://www.freedomfounders.com/step-1



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