Is Real Estate the Best Investment for Dentists?

I can’t say this enough: as a former dentist, I love showing other dentists a better, faster way to retire. And now that the retirement age for dentists in America has increased to 68.9 (it was previously 65), this information couldn’t be more needed. Most dentists have already put in their time by the time they are 65. They’ve worked long hours and spent time away from family and friends so they could build a financial future for their family. They don’t need to extend that another 3.9 years. They need to be able to spend their golden years with their family, or doing the things they couldn’t do when they were building their practice (like travel, maybe). And do you know what? You really shouldn’t even have to get to 65 to get to that point, either.

But if you’re reading this, chances are you’ve already waited long enough, so let’s start talking about how you can enjoy your career while securing a financial future that you can start enjoying even earlier in a low risk, proven way. Let’s take a look at my Freedom Founders dentist real estate plan.

But first, what’s driving this retirement setback?

The setbacks and why they are happening

To be blunt, the advice you have heard for most of your life is wrong. Yes, there was a time when you could get a university education, work hard, put money away, invest, and retire at 60. Today, dentists face significant financial headwinds: the commoditization of dentistry, declining reimbursements, rising overhead, cost of labor, increased compliance. The list goes on. Times have changed, so your path to financial freedom must also change. That is what makes Freedom Founders so exciting. It is a dentist real estate plan that is a modern approach for these modern times.

What is the dentist real estate plan?

The traditional, “linear” retirement plan is no longer valid (work hard; invest in the stock market, treasuries, CDs, etc.; retire). The problem with that model is that it Is based on an accumulation/depletion model. Stockpile as much as you can during your earning years and slowly draw down your nest egg in retirement. But how much is enough? How long do you plan to live after you retire? What happens if the stock market experiences a significant correction during that period? These questions create massive uncertainty for practitioners who are approaching the end of their active income earning years.

Instead, consider my dentist real estate plan. It starts with reverse engineering the amount of money you need to provide for your family’s current lifestyle needs, and it matches that with a specific capital asset base that generates annuity income without ever depleting the capital base. This approach, where the capital assets – in this case, sound real estate investments – are leveraged in collaboration with others, allows you to be a truly passive investor, and it provides an incredibly secure foundation on which to quickly grow your wealth.

We are here to help

This strategy is a very non-traditional approach. It requires a significant shift in mindset. However, when you let go of what you think you know about money and open yourself up to new ideas that work with the current economic reality, you quickly see the path to true freedom open up.

What could this look like for you? Contact my team today to connect with experts who will put you on the path of dentist real estate so you can practice in your chosen career while earning the passive income that will secure your lifestyle, both now and far into the future.

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