It’s Day One!

Always make it Day One. What does that mean?



Think back to the last time you started something – the first day of school, your business, or of trying some new dance or athletic maneuver. The urgency of Day One stretches you. You’re trying to bring your best to the forefront of something you’ve never done before.

The problem is that we tend to become complacent once we develop a rhythm, and some sense of stability in whatever we’re doing. There’s nothing wrong with getting something running easily. It’s human nature and what we all want to do. But complacency can be a cancer and a killer when it becomes our default mode.

Jeff Bezos says it’s “Day One” every day at Amazon. 

That means everyone has to come in with the urgency they did on their first day – when they were “on” because they knew they’d be tested, that people were depending on them to bring their best.

Don’t let complacency into your life, businesses, teams, or whatever else you’re involved with. You’ve got to keep that sense of urgency and think like it’s always Day One.

And the reality is, with the coronavirus pandemic – it IS Day One. It’s time to rise to the challenge.

To your freedom!



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