Paralysis by Analysis

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by Dr David Phelps

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’ve always been a fact-finder by nature, which was reinforced by my education in becoming a dentist. And wanting to know everything before making a move can be good when treating patients, or in other delicate areas of life.

But I quickly had to learn that that kind of thinking wouldn’t get me very far in areas outside of my technical skills. I had to become a different thinker.

Paralysis by analysis is what slows us down – we feel we need to know everything about everything. We hate change and want things to be the way we’ve learned them to be, and follow a straight path to our goals in life.

One of those goals may be Freedom. How do we reach freedom? 

Financial freedom is the first base. You’ve heard me talk about how trading time for dollars doesn’t make people wealthy. By wealthy, I mean having enough cash flow that you have the option not to work anymore.

The traditional pathway says to work hard, pay your taxes, pay your overhead, and then put some of what’s leftover on Wall Street. The problem is – that mainstream path just doesn’t work, especially today. We’ve got too much volatility in the marketplace. Following the old models is like being on a hamster wheel, and it wears people out

If you’re younger, in your 30s, 40s, even early 50s, thinking you’ve got more time to make this old plan work, it’s going to fool you. I’ve talked to too many hardworking, disciplined doctors who followed the mainstream financial plan and got to their 60s – and were nowhere close to where they needed to be, because they never figured it out.

So I caution you about using the level of detail and fact-finding that you used to develop your professional skills. I want you to be careful about what you do – but you need a board of advisors, a group of like-minded people to help you ask the right questions and show you a different path. Being a contrarian is not a bad thing if you know why you’re being contrary. 

Following the majority will get you majority results: average, mediocre

That’s not what you signed up for. You wouldn’t have gone through the hard work, pain, discipline, education, and risk of starting a business only to play small ball – staying in the small box of the traditional financial Wall Street model, which doesn’t work.

Following successful, like-minded people on the road less traveled is what will take you from A to B. When you get to financial freedom, then you start to have the other freedoms: time, relationships, health, purpose, legacy – the things you really want in your life.

You’re closer to them than you think. You just haven’t stepped out of that mainstream majority thinking. In Freedom Founders, we have people who have stepped away from paralysis by analysis, and decided to make decisions based on their own goals – not everyone else’s.

Ask yourself this question today: Are you thinking the way everybody else thinks, or are you in a position where you want to think differently?

What’s going to change for you if you don’t change now?
To your freedom!

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