Picking Winners from Losers


Picture of by Dr David Phelps

by Dr David Phelps


 ow do you pick winners from losers?

Well, winners in what? How to invest money, pick the best stocks, find Real Estate deals? Sort of… but what about picking winners in relationships, business, and the rest of life?

Every one of us believes we are smart. We’ve made it through school, passed our boards, and can understand a lot if we’re given the chance to study – and that’s where the rubber meets the road. Picking winners and losers in real life is not about regurgitating what you’ve learned on a test for A’s and 4.0s.

Real life requires a deeper level of study, in what I call “street smarts” – common sense that only comes from real experience. You can’t learn that from school or get it simply because you’re intelligent. You’ve got to learn things you don’t already know. It takes being around people who’ve had experiences on roads you haven’t been down yet.

The key point is: Don’t go solo in life!

Surround yourself with a highly curated group of people who can offer objective, unbiased advice, and help you find your blind spots. We all have our own biases – experiences that have created predominance toward thinking in specific ways. You need to have outside eyes to give you feedback and test what you think is true. What we think is true today is limited to the experiences we’ve already had.

You’ll likely have to jump out of your comfort zone to get it, but without that outside advice - you’ll always be handicapped in picking winners from losers.
To your freedom!

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