Saving Money vs. Acquiring Capital Assets

I hate the term “retirement planning”, so let’s talk about freedom planning.

I’m all about freedom in one’s life.

I don’t think that we should talk in terms of “retirement”, since that’s an old, industrial-aged term.

The question is, when do you know that you have enough to retire on, or when will you know that you have reached freedom?

Freedom doesn’t mean that you have to retire, it simply means that you can practice/work if you want to.

It means that you get to do what you want to do, when you want to do it, and with whom you want to do it with.

Too many people think in terms of saving and accumulating money.

This means taking a certain amount out of your paycheck every month, dumping it into savings, and then turning all of that over to a third party financial advisor.

Then, what does that financial advisor tell you?

They tell you to put it all into a 401K or other tax-deferred environments, so that you can have tax savings, and pile up a certain amount of money over the years.

Well, if you are doing nothing else, then that’s an okay plan, since it does make you do something.

But, the problem is that finding a financial advisor who can tell you how much you really need to have freedom in the future doesn’t exist.

Financial advisors never teach you how to orchestrate cash flow.

News flash: It’s not about accumulating a big pile of money.

If you are going for a big pile of money, and you don’t know how to turn that money into sustainable, predictable cash flow, then you won’t be in good shape in the future, and your money will just dwindle away every month.

Inflation also makes a big difference in this equation.

We have had 36 years of declining interest rates, and next to zero inflation.

It can only go up from here.

Increasing interest rates and increasing inflation.

Your financial advisor has never seen what is going to happen in the new market; advisors are only predicting what they know historically.

Throw all that information out the window, because it’s not going to work.

The stock market’s predicted return is only 2-4%, and that is for the next 10 years or more.

They say, put your money into 401K’s and the stock market, pile up your investment capital, and then once you get to retirement, be safe and put it all into bonds.

But bonds are not going to produce anything substantial for you at only 2-4%.

The reality is that most financial advisors cannot give you that magic number, and if they can, they will push it way up, simply because they don’t know the new market.

The higher that number is, the further down the road you push your freedom point.

When you hit your freedom point, and you have learned how to orchestrate sustainable, predictable cash flow out of your accumulated capital assets, then you will be able to grow those assets, and not deplete them.

Your assets will grow faster once you can concentrate on growing them.

It’s not about doing a lot of work.

It’s about making the right connections in alternative investment environments.

This is why I love real estate.

Real estate works because its an inefficient market.

The big boys and large institutions can’t play in the real estate market, and they can’t manipulate it like they can with the stock market.

Real estate is available for smaller, individual investors, just like you and me.

It’s about making good connections with the right people.

Real estate is an insider’s game, and most people don’t understand that. They do it the wrong way, and it ends in frustration.

When you build you freedom plan or freedom date, based on capital assets that will keep up with inflation, and not financial paper –  then you will know your numbers, because those assets will produce sustainable, predictable cash flow.

As a passive investor, I can get 12%+ on my money.

I know what my return will be, in both an up or down market.

If I want to go active, and build my capital base faster, I can get well into the 30% return rate.

You can’t do that with the stock market.

The stock market is like going to Las Vegas – it’s a casino.

People ride it up, and then watch it fall way down.

They lose decades of potential wealth-building by playing the stock market.And when people finally get to the age where they wish they could retire, they just don’t have enough, because they never learned how to orchestrate sustainable, predictable cash flow.

So they have to keep working, because they never learned how to orchestrate cash flow.

My challenge to you is to get off the dime, and do something for yourself and for your family.

Do it now.

Quit pretending like your 401K is going to get you where you want to be.

Your financial advisor does not know.

Ask your financial advisor what their net worth is, and how they produced it.

Most of them won’t tell you, since they are simply trading time for dollars, just like you.

Go and figure out how to build capital assets.

That’s what set me free.

It wasn’t my practice, it wasn’t my 401K, and it wasn’t the stock market – it was real estate assets.

I know how to orchestrate cash flow faster and more predictably than anybody else, because I’ve been through it.

This is the 38th year I have been involved in real estate, and it works.

Up markets, down markets – it doesn’t matter.

Follow me and I’ll show you how.

To your freedom,


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