S&P Off To Worst Start Since 1970 - What are your options?

Picture of by Dr David Phelps

by Dr David Phelps


he first half of 2022 is officially over. We just passed the Midmark of the year.

 A lot has happened so far.

A lot of volatility. A lot of disruption. Certainly there’s hangover from the recent pandemic. We’re in an inflationary mode that we haven't seen in over 40 years. The federal reserve is fighting against inflation by raising interest rates, which affects the cost of capital (the cost of borrowing) for everybody. And this affects consumer spending and consumer confidence.

The S&P had its worst start this year since 1970. That was two generations ago. Most people under the age of 50 haven't experienced an economy or marketplace like this. They might know the last 40 years or maybe just the last 5-10 years, but those years have been economically strong. We've had a long wave of relatively low interest rates, cheap money, and the federal reserve saving the day every time that the economy went into a little bit of a spiral. 

I believe those days are over. I'm not here to be a fear monger at all. Not a bit. I feel good. But I also feel confident that change is inevitable

This is what we are all about at Freedom Founders. How to be more resilient in our businesses and our investments. Not playing by the majority “group think” mindset that most people teach – where you fall into the trap of industry and Wall Street. These are all constructs that have no relevance today. So instead of being fearful, instead of being scarcity minded, I have built and surrounded myself with a community at Freedom Founders that can navigate this together. We use collective wisdom, experience and access points to invest and to run our businesses in ways that are very contrarian to the industry.

This is the way to navigate the future. It’s what you want to teach your kids, which is a big part of what we do in Freedom Founders. Legacy, generational wealth, resilience and resourcefulness. That’s what I want for my daughter. It's what our members want for their kids. We fight the good fight, meaning that we learn how to navigate, and find the voids and opportunities in the marketplace. We know how not to become victims to the choppy waters ahead that most people are going to experience.

So what are you doing to prepare your game plan today? What changes are you making? What plan do you have? Who is the financial advisor who's going to help you navigate through this? I'm not here to demean good people who work hard in the fields of finance and strategic planning, but  if they haven't seen downturns like this before, and they don't understand the inflationary forces and the headwinds ahead, how are they going to help you navigate it?

That’s what we do in Freedom Founders. We help each other navigate uncertain times. If you haven't found your place, your tribe, then knock at the door and see if this might be a place that would help you navigate your future.

We're all about freedom. You've got to focus on yours. 
To your freedom!

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