The Power of the Mastermind

I often attend and participate in another high-tier, high-caliber mastermind of real estate/business investors, with people coming from all across the country.

People who are great lead-generators, who run great operations – and achieve more.

One of the reasons that I’m part of these kinds of masterminds is because the really good ones are full of high-caliber people who are stretching themselves.

They’re already entrepreneurs, but they’re extending even further.

They want to do better, to achieve more.

Yes, we entrepreneurs want to make money, but once you achieve success in that, you start thinking about the higher significance and meaning of life.

We want to upgrade our businesses, empower our staff, create a great culture, and make a difference in the world.

Solving problems is what we entrepreneurs want to do.

The great thing about a well-facilitated mastermind is that it’s a place where you can come and open yourself up a little bit.

I’m talking about being vulnerable.

Being vulnerable is not easy for most of us – we have a certain amount of pride and ego.

I know I do.

Keeping up a façade is problematic because we’re never living a life where everything is perfect!

It’s tough to admit this to the world.

We want to think that we are doing all the right things.

But you need to realize that everyone who is “successful” still has issues in their life, both large and small.

An entrepreneur’s pathway is not a straight line.

We are headed in the right direction, but the path is constantly zig-zagging!

When you’re in a room with people who understand that and have your back, who are there to collaborate, not compete – then you can open up!

When something’s not working well, the best place to talk about it is in a group of people that understand and support you.

You’ll also find out where you’ve got blind spots.

When you’re mired in the muck, it’s hard to see beyond it – but others often can see it!

If we don’t have people in our lives who we can open up to, then where are we going to get help when we need it?

Trying to solve problems in a vacuum is not effective.

You’ve got to have some kind of group, even if it’s just on a phone basis.

That’s what we do in Freedom Founders: we open things up, we keep things real.

You come in with your persistent, A-game mindset – but you get involved and talk about the stuff that isn’t working. (In your business or in your personal life.)

That’s the power of the Mastermind.

We find a balance between the two, business and personal, knowing that making money alone just doesn’t do it.

Opening up and being vulnerable is powerful, but it’s not easy.

Just remember that your pain and problems can become your power when you open up.

That’s when the issues can truly be solved.

To your freedom!


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