This Simple Thing Gave Me More Security & Freedom

In life and business, your ability to take the pulse of a situation (situational awareness), assess the data and then act (not become paralyzed), is the key to thriving in the chaos and uncertainty versus becoming another statistic.

A statistic like only 4% of all professional practice owners can retire, slow down or have any real security or peace of mind in regards to life after active income production (trading time for dollars in practice).

There is immense change happening in the world. That change has great effect on our personal lives and our businesses. The world is tied together today via technology – internet and cellular transfer of data at immense speeds. Mountains of information and data available at a moment's notice.

How do you keep a finger on the pulse of what is even relevant? Seems like all new information is presented with someone’s prescribed agenda attached – right?

Who’s got it right? Who can lead the way?

None of us were trained for this. We weren’t equipped.

Bury your head in the sand at your own risk. If you are still thinking, acting and performing in the same mode that you were even three years ago, you’re losing ground – ground that you will not be able to make up.

FEAR – fear of change strikes and paralyzes even the strongest of us. Why? We fear making a mistake or a failure. Better to just stay the course – stay with what we know – after all, it’s more “comfortable.”

So how does one adapt? How do we determine which way to move, what decisions to make, what actions to take?

Can you maintain a sufficient level of situational awareness? Can you know WHEN and HOW to act, without the normal hesitation and paralysis of analysis?

Here's the answer.

It’s not about more data or more information.

You have to be selective.

To be selective requires “clarity of mission.” Hint: this is where most people miss it. Without clarity, one tries to take in ALL information possible – what I call “just in case” information rather than “just in time” information. BIG DIFFERENCE.

Once you have clarity, you need to have accurate sources of information – not propaganda. Not outdated information typically passed on by industry pundits who have never progressed themselves.

You need relevant information shared in real time.

You need a brain-trust. A board of advisors.

Am I biased? Sure I am. Brain-trusts and masterminds changed my life.

You need a like-minded community. A place where you can gather “just in time” information from people who don't have an underlying agenda to sell their specific program or services – which may or may not be appropriate for you. The problem is, where does it fit in the larger scheme – who is orchestrating the big picture for you?

Only you can do that – with help, of course. With a peer group who can see blind spots that aren't visible to you. People who will ask you the right questions that help you gain the clarity to move forward with confidence.

How to use the mastermind braintrust? Have a pre-set agenda of your own before every meeting. What do you want to find out about? What’s key right now in your quest for freedom? What person or resource do you need to connect with? What specific feedback do you want to glean from the group?

Pay attention this week. The Freedom Founders Mastermind will be heating up in Dallas and helping members get prepared to crush 2016. I'll share some of the ongoing breakthroughs with you.

To your freedom,


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