Why a Mastermind may be Your Best Advisor

Most of us realize the importance of having coaches, consultants, and mentors – people who we can look to for advice, and who can provide insight into our business practices.

We realize that a good advisor is a part of the key to future success.

But choosing the right coach takes discernment, and it is not easy to do.

There are many aspects to running a business, so it can become difficult to know what to do first.

You may have already reached out to a practice consultant in your arena, but if it is not specifically what you need in order to move the needle forward, then that will only lead to frustration.

I prefer mastermind groups as a primary blueprint or roadmap to gain traction in one’s business.

A well-run mastermind is one where the facilitator has a network, connections to the right people, and is able to draw from those people.

This is what brings great membership into that mastermind.

To function at the highest level, there must be a combination of two things.

First, members who share expertise and ideas with one another; people who have a high level of integrity and value, and who don’t have an ego.

Second is the facilitator, who has connections to all of the right outside people.

The facilitator of the mastermind group is able to bring in outside eyes and expertise, in order to aid in the collaboration and sharing of ideas.

This helps to coordinate the position of each member, as well as to provide feedback and perspective on what should be done next.

In a mastermind, it’s all about getting feedback and the right direction in a tight space, which allows for clarity and focus.

This helps someone decide on who they need to bring in for specific expertise, rather than going backwards and trying to figure out what needs to be done all by themselves.

We all need outside eyes on what we are doing.

We need a third-party perspective to guide us on what to do next, and where to focus our efforts.

If your coach or consultant is not working for you, then maybe it’s the wrong person at the wrong time, and you should be trying something else.

Find a group of like-minded people, where you can get a wide degree of perspective and feedback.

A place where people are not waiting to sign you up for a program, but instead, to collaborate with you on a high level.

That is what a mastermind group is all about.

To your freedom,


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