Why Should Physicians Invest in Real Estate?

Many traditional advisors tell doctors, dentists, orthodontists, and other physicians that they need to acquire $6M, $8M, or even $10 million in savings just to retire comfortably. For many of us, those targets can seem daunting. Whether we’re getting close to retirement, an unexpected situation takes us away from the practice, or some form of tragedy strikes, we deserve to have a fallback plan besides the 14-hour workdays and diligent saving. This is where putting our money to work through passive income – especially by making lucrative, yet safe real estate investment decisions – can be a great fit for medical professionals. Why might smart physician real estate investing be the answer? Here are a few key reasons physicians may want to jump on this opportunity sooner than later.

The safe way to put our earnings to work

Supplementing, and growing, our income through passive real estate opportunities means we can ease out of our practice early, sell it at some point, and certainly not keep working so hard well past retirement age. As a steady method of routine cashflow, physician real estate investing is a dependable way to supplement our incomes through rental revenue, and should we desire so later on, we can sell these properties to further grow our retirement nest egg. Forget the volatile markets, risky stocks, high-fee mutual funds, or slow growing 401Ks. We can leave the uncertainty behind and sleep well knowing our money is working for us in the form of tangible real estate investments.

Tomorrow is not promised

It’s never fun to think about, but we never know what life will throw our way. We can leave our loved ones earlier than planned, a family member may become sick or have an accident, our practice may need to shut down for a small, or even extended, time. The sooner we put our money to work through smart physician real estate investing, the sooner we can feel safe, protect our loved ones, and even be sure to transition our wealth the way we plan on for our next generation. Maybe they’ll follow in our footsteps and need some support with med school. Perhaps we decide to take a leave and travel the world for a year on an adventure. You might purchase a family beach house where everyone can gather more often. Whatever it is, when we have the certain and constant income from real estate pouring in, it just plain spells freedom to do things the way we want to, not the way we have to.

Creating the future we want today

The best part of physician real estate investing is that, even if we’re nearing retirement, we still have time to get in the game. And, even if we are close to retirement, that passive income will continue to steadily earn more for us for decades. The trick is to learn the ins and outs quickly, gain the knowledge to invest wisely and efficiently, and connect with the right people who can lift us up for success, sharing their experience as well.

At Freedom Founders, we’re so thrilled with the ways physician real estate investing has performed for us that we can’t wait to share everything with our esteemed colleagues. We know you deserve better futures, too! We provide access to the expertise and skills we’ve gained along the way, the opportunity to work with our network of trusted advisors and like-minded medical professionals, and we save precious time as others begin to create the future they want, today.

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