Why You Need a Blueprint

Today I want to talk to you about setting up a blueprint.

A blueprint is a roadmap to get you from where you are today, which is Point A, to where you want to be, which is Point B.



Point B is your personal freedom point.

Point B can be determined with the cash flow metric, which is the amount of cash flow it takes to replace your current income.

This is the freedom blueprint.

There are a lot of people who are good at staying busy and getting things done.

But the question is, are they doing the right things?

Just having a long list of things to do does not mean they are things that will move the needle forward.

I tell Freedom Founders members all the time that it’s important to focus on major “rocks”, which are key projects that will move the needle closer to their goals.

Major rocks must be a priority, and should be completed on a quarterly path.

An example of setting up a plan for major rocks includes: one for finances and another for a private practice.

It’s important to determine what your goals are. By completing each rock, you can make headway in multiple avenues.

The secret is to set your rocks up to be completed within a short time frame, such as 90 days, and then further break them down to what can be accomplished each week.

I recently told a Freedom Founder member that we could take ⅓ of his net worth and convert that into sustainable predictable cash flow, which would enable him to hit his freedom point very quickly.

That’s a pretty key rock to focus on. I changed his entire modus operandi, because he was focused on the day-to-day grind.

Instead of trying to do a lot of things on your list, it’s best to focus on just a couple of big rocks.

If you focus on rocks quarter after quarter, you’re going to make significant headway toward your goals.

Just running on a hamster wheel staying busy, though, is ineffective.

Whether it’s getting a set of outside eyes through a coach or mentor, or just self-evaluating, determine what the truly important things are – and focus the majority of your effort there.



To your freedom,


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