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or the last 4 months, the U.S. has been consumed by the coronavirus pandemic. It’s caused turmoil throughout our entire economy – and the problem is,

 there’s no quick fix.

A potential vaccine would take time to produce and distribute, there’s an uptick in cases in many hotspots across the country, and we’ve got a possible second wave coming in the fall. Some states, counties, and municipalities that opened back up had to turn around and shut back down. 

What does that mean for you – and for the country?

I’m a realist, as well as a cautious optimist. And I always say to plan for the worst but hope for the best. Planning well for the storms ahead gives you the best opportunity to mitigate unanticipated stress.

My whole life has been about “What’s my Plan B if I can’t practice dentistry?” 

When my daughter became very sick with liver cirrhosis, needing a life-saving liver transplant, I had to be able to maneuver out of my practice to spend time with who was most important. 

We don’t plan for these things in advance because we don’t know the options, where to go, who to turn to. Who are the thought leaders out in front, looking at developing different models and ways to mitigate risk? 

If you follow the majority, you’ll get what the majority gets. They’re usually the ones at the back of the line, waiting for someone to save them. There are cases where people do need to be helped, but if we rely on third parties or government assistance, we really don’t have self-reliance

I’m all about building as much self-reliance and personal sovereignty in our lives as we can. If we make ourselves whole, it has a ripple effect that also helps other people. That’s the exact construct of what we do in Freedom Founders.

We base our financial independence on alternative investments; that is number one. But everything else we do helps our members develop their own unique model, customized to their goals, vision, and ideals in life. 

Each member gets a one-to-one Blueprint Day with me and my wife Kandace. We project out 3 years, 5 years, 10 years, then reverse engineer back to today, rearranging the puzzle pieces to fit a better model – instead of blindly following what the rest of the world says to do.

Having the construct of the community of thought leaders, visionaries, your personal board of directors – there’s nothing better than the right tribe to help you get things done, give you perspective, and open you up to the blind spots that every one of us has.

My advice? Make a change in your life, and connect with us. Just dip your toe in the water – there’s no harm, obligation, or risk.

If you don’t make a change today, when will you?
To your freedom!

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