Your Responsibility for Your Financial Future

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by Dr David Phelps


et's talk a little bit about your responsibility for the orchestration of your financial future.

 Wall Street and the traditional investment advisors sell a lot of products –

and they tell you that the complexity of dealing with your financial future is too much for you, unless you have an education or experience in finance. They say, “Just give us the money, put it in a lockbox like a 401(k), and we'll take care of it for you. And then when you want to retire someday, we'll have it there in a nice nest egg ready for you.”

It sounds great in theory. Does it work in reality? It does not. After a life of hard work, it’s a means to an end for average returns and an average end-of-life lifestyle – which is not what you signed up for.

So what exactly are you responsible for? I say you're not responsible for going out and finding the best investments, whatever they may be. Most of you don’t have the time, capability, or network to do that. However, you are responsible for deciding what is going to fit your model.

Now, how do you do that? Well, you've got to do a little bit of study there. In Freedom Founders, we work really hard on developing asset investment classes that provide cash flow. We use real estate, which to me is the best there is, but there are other ways to do it. 

Whatever your model is, you've got to take the financial responsibility to go forth and study enough to understand which ones are going to fit your model. You've got to orchestrate that. You want a team around you. You want people that can find you the right products and bring you the asset classes that make sense for you. But you've got to make the decision. If you abdicate the entire thing to someone else – you get the results you deserve.

It's up to you. You've got to make a change. Don't let someone tell you it's too complicated; you're smart enough. You got to where you are today because you're smart and you work hard. It's not out of your league to at least understand the principles of what's going to get you to Freedom sooner and not later.

Remember, it's your freedom. Always stay focused on that.

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