A Snapshot From 30,000 Feet

Top Seven Challenges Practice Owners Are Facing Today

The world is changing for dentists. So says the man looking at the big picture.

Corporate is closing in. Patients clamor for more and pay less. Insurance plans are sucking profits. Taxes are chomping bites out of your lifestyle. Traditional investments are gyrating. Inflation is shrinking your dollars.

Retirement dreams shudder and fade, drifting farther into the future. Stop it! Watch the video below and break this vicious cycle.

Watch this short video about a recent interview I did:

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If you invested 30 years peeking over the shoulders of elite entrepreneurs and business owners, what would you learn?

My friend, mentor, business advisor and accountant has invested those 30 years.

Today he is talking to the dentists in the room. Offering foresight and direction to any who will hear it. Check out the discussion.

Wisdom bites inside:

  • The down side to earning a high income.
  • Tax advantages for practice owners.
  • Why advanced education can be a setback (and how to overcome it).
  • Get paid when you aren’t in the practice.

Dr. W. Edwards Deming used to say “It not necessary to change. Survival is not mandatory.”

Choose survival. Get complete access to my interview with John Groom.

Intrigued? Join me, John and other experts and professional practice colleagues at the upcoming Strategic Investor Conference and fast-forward your progress down the path to financial freedom. Seating limited.

Watch this short video on the Strategic Investor Conference:

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To your freedom!
David Phelps, D.D.S
(“Retired” – and loving it!)

P.S. You get two nights at the Hilton (and meals), all on my tab! Get the details now: http://strategicinvestorconference.com/

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