The Puppet Master Dentist

We were spit out of dental school with clinical skills and a prayer.

Nobody taught us how to run a business or how to build wealth.

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If all of your finances were taken care of, would you still be doing what you do day after day? What parts of your business do you not like? For me, it was things like insurance companies, staff management, and certain kinds of patients.

We had a guilt trip laid upon us that says we have to figure it all out ourselves. If you're still buying that, you're not living life for freedom.

Do you want to be the puppet or do you want to pull the strings?
Check out the discussion.

What's inside:

  • Why some doctors are skittish about real estate when others are not.
  • How a mastermind really works.
  • How to grow your business in any economy.
  • The most valuable lesson Jason has learned in 43 years.

The market is always changing and shifting. If you don't have the right relationships you won't see the big storms coming.

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To your freedom!
David Phelps, D.D.S
(“Retired” – and loving it!)

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