How Not To Lose Your Shirt In Real Estate

There are 1,001 ways to lose your shirt in real estate.

Real estate is one of the best investment options available, yet there are still some minefields out there.

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The right investment vehicle makes all the difference. The right one can give you stable cashflow, a hedge against inflation, even tax free distributions on the backend. The wrong one can set you back years, or decades.

I've spent 25 years trying the right ones and the wrong ones.

Set yourself up for success. Do it the right way, the first time. Check out the discussion.

What you get:

  • The book that I used to get started in real estate.
  • Why precision and control can be fatal flaws.
  • The best way to find the right kind of deals.
  • Where I am doing 50% of my investing today.

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To your freedom!
David Phelps, D.D.S
(“Retired” – and loving it!)

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