Are You Trapped by Perfectionism?

“Good is good enough” doesn't work when it comes to treating the human body.

Providing health care and surgical procedures requires extensive education, training and attention to detail.

In dental school, there was no opportunity to experiment, test the limits or “color outside the lines”

Even in the lab, if your prep was too deep, extended too far to the marginal ridge, or too much taper reducing retention, it was a failure.

Those same skills and attention to perfectionism don’t pay off when it comes to your financial security…

In fact, perfectionism and freedom are in direct opposition – here’s why:

  • Less than 5% of practicing professionals can retire when they want or need to without taking a significant cut in lifestyle
  • Perfectionism creates paralysis in areas in which we have no training – such as finances and investments – and that paralysis causes inaction
  • Fear of failure causes us not to take responsibility for our own financial future and instead, hand it over to professional advisors or money managers who do the best they can betting our hard earned money with Wall Street

Freedom requires financial responsibility and action – this is NOT an area of your life to delegate.

But how? Where do you turn to get advice without agenda?

Where can you find real social proof of what really works, how to do it, and how to do it without having to take on a second job or career?

If you’d like to find out what I learned over many years of testing various models and the path that ultimately allowed me to step away from active clinical dentistry when my young daughter was fighting for her life, I’m happy to share what I know.

Here is a link to a short survey – take five minutes and submit one. I’ll schedule a personal call with you to discuss where you are in your freedom plan and what you can do to get there faster.

It’s about speed to result, a network of access to opportunity, and the right information to allow you to make prudent decisions that will give you
the security and peace of mind that you so badly want.

It’s a choice…you can either keep doing what you’ve been doing and achieve the same paltry results,


You can take a small risk and find out what could be your first step to real freedom.

How will you act? In fear of failure? In fear of making another mistake?

Or will you take off the hat of perfectionism and take charge of your life?

To your freedom,


P.S. I value my time – as you should yours. I am only allowing a small number of phone strategy sessions on my schedule. If you are truly committed to your financial freedom future, I advise you not to allow perfectionism to paralyze you.

Doing nothing is in itself a decision…but is it a good one?

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