Are You On Track or Off Track?

Every Tuesday morning, the Freedom Founders leadership team connects virtually for our “Level 10 Meeting” (tip: for more info on Level 10 Meetings see the book “Traction” by Gino Wickman).

During the meeting, each team leader reviews his or her “rocks” (major defined goals for the quarter) and is asked,

“Is your rock on track or off track?”

One rock that I know is off track for most of my dental and professional practice colleagues is their “Freedom Goal” – the achievement of net worth equity that produces enough passive income to fund their desired lifestyle –

Without having to produce any more active income.

How much monthly passive income is required to break the chains from your practice, aka “job?”

Are you on track or off track?

(If you want to check your number and see where you are, take 5 minutes to use the web application “How Much Do I Need to Retire?”)

Sadly, when I speak to practice owners weekly, none are on track – in fact, I can’t name one who even has a viable plan to get there.


Simple – traditional financial planning models fail…period.

If you’re depending solely on hard work and long hours to “save up enough” money to invest on Wall Street, your plan is built on a very shaky foundation.

And this fact is what keeps the majority of my colleagues working far longer than necessary.

But it doesn’t have to be that way – taking control of one’s financial future does not require an MBA in finance.

What it does require is enough knowledge combined with a blueprint that has a definite end point. – and progress measured along the way – so you know, “Am I on track or off track?

In the last three months, four more of Freedom Founders members have optimized and accelerated their Freedom Plan. One of our doctors just turned his 7-year plan into a 7-month plan.

If you don’t know what “your number is” or how you are going to get there, then I invite you to discover your number here:

(It takes only 5 minutes).

Once you have your number, I invite you to a 30-minute strategy call where I will help you determine how and when you can reach your number (your Freedom Goal).

To your freedom,


P.S. The other choice is to do nothing – put your head down and prepare to work longer and harder…

And when I ask you in a year, “Are you on track or off track,” what will be your answer?

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