(pay 25% less taxes?!) Happy April 15th!

Do you know what your biggest expense is?

  • Lifestyle? Big house, nice cars, expensive vacations?
  • Private and/or college education?
  • Managed care decreasing reimbursements?
  • Payroll?

Nope…it’s TAXES.

Without a doubt, local, state, payroll, federal, social security, medicare and Obamacare taxes are effectively stripping away your wealth faster than ever before.

Try as you might, you can’t outrun the tax factor by working harder or longer – active income is the highest form of taxation…the more you make, the more they take.

The compounding effect of interim taxation is devastating…

Here's how it works:
Double a dollar every year for 20 years and that dollar grows to $1M – the positive effect of compounding.

Add a mere 15% federal tax each of those 20 years…the result is a total compounding to only $250K – that’s a 4-fold decrease!

What about a 28% tax rate? The compounding only reaches $51K – a 20X decrease!

Want to try 39% tax rate? Total compounding = $13K…that’s not a typo.

Add local state, Obamacare taxes and many of you are paying a rate of +50%.

Now do you get it??

What if i could show you how to reduce your overall tax rate by 25%?

(It's actually pretty simple through the tax preferences of real estate investment + the ability to use self-directed IRA investments in real estate)

Based on the above, that might increase your wealth compounding by a factor of 4-20 times. What would that do for you?

What if you learned how to orchestrate your investments and achieve returns in excess of 10% without the volatility of the stock market?

That’s what members of the Freedom Founders mastermind are able to do.

With the right connections and a board of advisors, it’s the fast track to freedom.

What would it mean for you and your family if you could significantly decrease your years in practice without worrying about whether you had enough?

If your retirement schedule is off track, do yourself a favor and see if you qualify as a guest participant at a Freedom Founder’s meeting.

Fill out and submit the short online survey at


and I’ll schedule a phone call with you to discuss your plan and how Freedom Founders can help you.

If we both agree that there may be a fit, I’ll invite you to visit…

Or, you can keep paying more taxes.

To your freedom,


P.S. The greatest risk of all is doing nothing.

P.P.S. Tax Day is actually April 18th this year because the Emancipation Day holiday is being observed today, April 15th.

So you have a few extra days… …call me maybe?

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