Are You Winning at the Right Game?

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by Dr David Phelps


ere’s a tip from my new book being released next week, What’s Your Next? 

 I believe a lot of people are winning at the wrong game.

What do I mean by that? When we first start out in our young adult life, we go to school and obtain our skills and start out on our career path – it’s exhilarating! 

However, in the midst of that we place most of our focus on the quantitative aspects of life, usually in measuring income. What’s our paycheck? What’s the run rate? How big is the business? How much capital do we have? How many employees? 

We’re always measuring, and comparing how we’re doing to others to see if we’re winning the game. Are we keeping up with the Joneses and those people we see on social media? (Many of whom aren’t actually doing as well as they claim, by the way.)

The point is, we start out in life with the quantitative. But what about the qualitative – living life for what really counts? Yes, quantitative is important, and you’ve got to have measurements to run a good business, maintain your income, and provide the right lifestyle for your family.

But if we focus only there, we lose sight of the right game.

The right game is transferring as quickly as possible from the quantitative to the qualitative. Too many people wait too long, and in fact some never get there – they wait their whole life, and by then it’s too late. They spend their life focused on the numbers, and they miss out on the more important aspects of life: relationships, time, making memories. 

It’s interesting that when people are in their last days of life, they don’t look back on the quantitative numbers as the measurement of their life. That should be a clue. That can help us future-pace ourselves now, so we don’t find ourselves in the same boat when our last days come.

What’s Your Next? is a book that has the frameworks, and will pose the deep-level considerations for you to make movement (or what I call evolvement) towards your “next.” Not staying static, not continuing to just focus on the quantitative, but adding the qualitative as you go.

The goal is to eventually move all the way to qualitative, because you have assets that are working for you and you don’t need to make more money. That’s what we help people do in Freedom Founders. 

So again – are you winning at the right game?

If not, get focused on what is the right game for you, and start taking steps in that direction.

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