How to Gain Clarity & Confidence

Why do we get stuck?

How can you free yourself from the debilitating grip of the status quo?

The status quo is an deceptive slave master.

Status Quo is (likely) providing a comfortable income, lifestyle, and sense of security… but doesn’t provide real freedom, vision, meaning, or the hope of progress.

I think there are several reasons why people get stuck.



One is self-limiting beliefs.

From the environment in which we grow up, our teachers, our professors, our parents… all well-meaning people. Here’s what they taught us:

Get into a “good” school.
Go as high on the educational ladder as you can.
Get out in the workforce and secure a “good paying job” (become a dentist).
Work hard. Pay Taxes. Save.

Sound familiar?

Problem is… That “American dream” is changing.

Number two is fear.

What changes are coming? More importantly: What will those changes require of you?

Opportunity often shrouds itself in a cloak of uncertainty.

When we pierce the fog and recognize the hidden opportunity, we can transform fear into forward motion.

Confident steps forward are essential.

We’re either growing or dying…

And the third reason people get stuck.. is confusion.

There is a confusing chorus of voices out there shouting at us.

Do this.
Do that.
Don’t do this.
Don’t do that.

How do you sort it all?

The key is deciding in advance who you’re going to to listen to.

Imagine having a board of advisors. A group of people who are looking out for you… really looking out for you.

I’m not talking about your typical advisors…

Your CPA
Your attorney
Your financial planner

Yeah, you need them too, they give you great advice in their specific fields… sure.

But unless they’ve achieved the lifestyle freedom you’re aiming for, taking only their advice will be like the blind leading the blind.

I’m talking about a different kind of advisor.

Real people… who've gone the places you want to go, blazed the trail you want to take. Folks who have actually achieved in their lives the things that you want in yours.

At its core, this board of advisors is what Freedom Founders is all about.

Freedom Founders is my own board of trusted advisors. My coaches, my mentors. They’re walking the talk.

The collective years of investing experience in the group is staggering.

It’s a group of folks who got tired of the “high income” treadmill, experienced the betrayal of the traditional investment model, and decided to get up and do something to take control of their lives.

What they’ve accomplished is extraordinary. It’s changed my life.

You can learn more about some of them here.

They’re my trusted board of advisors.

Whose advice are you listening to?

To your Freedom!




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