Is Timing The Key To Investing?

Timing is key to many things in life.

Wealth management.

I learned to surf on Manly Beach. It’s a beautiful place.

The salty gusts of ocean air rushing into my sunburned face brought the smell of freedom.

There’s a lot to learn about surfing.

How to orient your board.
How to balance.
How to position arms and hands to “bump up”… and ride the wave.

But, ultimately, surfing is all about timing.

What I learned from my free-spirited surfing friend that day taught me a lot about life, wealth, and financial freedom.

First, you have to fight your way through the salty breakers.
Once you’re in position, you have to wait for the right wave.

Only when the timing is right can you you “bump up” and ride.

Sound familiar?

Opportunity is all about timing.

When you spot it, you’ve got to go.

That’s what I think is so hard for many people. They think they see opportunity, they think it’s time to go… but they hesitate.

“Is this the right time…?”

That day, on Manly Beach,

The instructor rode the waves beside me.

When it was time for me to go – when he could see the right breakers coming – he shouted, “Go!” He even gave me a firm push.

Whether I felt ready to go or not, I was forced to commit.

Without him, I’d still be watching the blue waves crest and crash… wishing I had the courage to try.

Sometimes we all need that “push” in our own lives.

We need someone who’s been there, done it, to say:

“Yeah, it’s safe to go. This is a good wave for you to try.”

Who’s pushing you to go?

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