Why You Can’t Get Off The Treadmill

We call it the “Hot Seat”.

It’s a highlight of our quarterly mastermind events.

Our invited guests (sorry, invitation only. There's an application process) face the room and share their story.

A little scary.

A lot of fun.

It’s kind of like an audition.

Our members want to make sure that you share our values before you’re invited into our tight-knit community, for good.

They ask you questions about life, practice, wealth management… they also offer feedback, advice and counsel.

For our guests, it’s one of the most powerful coaching sessions of their lives.

At least… for some of our guests.

(The right ones…)

There are always those few, well-meaning folks that just aren’t good at being coached.

It’s tough to see hard-working people waste a chance to “lay it out” in front of a group of their peers: a true board of advisors. Missing out on meaningful feedback that could shape the rest of your life and help you get more traction, bummer…

Why do people push back?




Sometimes well-meaning people shut down or put up the barriers.

“No, no that won't work for me. I tried that already. It didn’t work.”

The sad part is… if that’s what they believe… they’re right.

Truth is everything.  Your belief is your truth.

Here’s the lesson:

When you have the chance to get unfiltered (real) advice from your peers… don't push back.

Listen. Take it in. Think.

Even if you’ve tried something similar… maybe you didn't do it under the right circumstances. Maybe your mindset wasn’t right. Maybe you were so close, and just need to try again.

Listen. Be a learner.

That's the way to make things happen.

Are you coachable?

Many will shrink from this bared truth.  But not you.

Be coachable, that's my advice.

To Your Freedom!


P.S. – Calling all coachable Treadmill Runners…(you’ve earned it.)

Some straight answers from a tight-knit community of dentists, docs, and practice pros that have been in your shoes and walked your path could be your fast track to freedom.

Click here to learn more about applying for an invitation.

You’re closer than you think…

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