Why I Hate 401ks

I don’t care what your “Financial advisor” told you… 401ks are a bad idea.

Putting your wealth in a 401k is like locking piles of cash in a concrete bunker, and throwing away the key.

Your money’s as safe as it is useless.

Once your money goes into a 401k, you can't get it back until you’re too old to enjoy it…

(They ominously call it the “Age of Distribution”…)

It’s like Hotel California… for money.



The pundits will try to sell you on the fact that you need your 401K for tax purposes.


There are better ways to protect your money from taxes.

How about investing it in your business?

If you haven’t figured out how to invest money in your own business (or practice) and get good returns… You need some help optimizing your business.

Your practice is your #1 asset. Make it the best it can be.

Better returns.

Better tax preferences.

Better control.

And you can enjoy the fruits of it now. Not some wishful “someday”.

Or you could put that money in real estate.

Did you know you can own real estate through a self-directed IRA?

Take that money tied up in your 401k “bunker” and invest it a portfolio of cash-flowing real estate assets.

Real estate gives you control.

Control is good.

Your “financial advisor” wants you to put money in 401ks so he stays in business.

You relinquish control and put the money in his hands… of course he recommends it.

Don't get sucked in by that traditional model.

Interesting Fact: most of the members at Freedom Founders have DISSOLVED their 401Ks…

(success leaves clues…)

Take control of your wealth.

Take control of your life.

It takes work… but it’s worth it.



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