First Class or Coach? I Was Surprised By This…

Riding economy class might be costing you thousands…

I consider myself a frugal, conservative person – not one to lavish myself or family with extravagances.

You too? (I could tell by your nodding.)

Splurge on a special occasion? Sure, we know how to cut loose sometimes.

I travel a fair amount – not my favorite thing…but it helps me to connect, build and maintain high-level relationships to better serve my members.

So, is that a reason to travel First Class? Just because it’s for “business” and the company can write it off?

Nope – not enough justification for me.

For one, I didn’t think I deserved it – and I couldn’t justify the extra “cost.”

What about my productivity? The effective and efficient use of my TIME?

It depends – depends on how I value my time. Am I a time-waster or can I maximize every minute of my working day?*

Let’s face it – flying coach/economy is a cattle call – you’ll get where you’re going, but it’s far from comfortable. No room for a guy 6’3” and no room to pull out my laptop and “really work” (my elbows stick way out).

What’s my real cost? What’s my time worth? At least $1,000 per hour.

Do the math – average plane flight time for me is 2.5 hours.

2.5 X $1,000 = $2,500.

That’s it – that’s the metric. If I can buy a First Class ticket for $2,500 or less, it’s a no-brainer.

What’s your metric? What’s your time worth if you can use it well? Should you consider First Class vs. Economy?

(By the way, one of my mentors, Dan Kennedy flies private jet everywhere he travels – no TSA lines, no delays or missed connections and crowded airports – plus a custom schedule – extremely efficient. Dan bills out at $3,500 per hour – that math works for him – all day long).

It’s a mindset. Value your time…get over it. Just DO IT!

* I’m not implying that you should “work” every minute of every hour of every day – but when you are in a working block I believe in making the most of it.

Here’s to your freedom,

David Phelps

P.S. I’ve tried this with my wife at home…how much my time is worth…and why I shouldn’t be relegated to ordinary household tasks – so far, she hasn’t bought in.

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