GameStop: You Can't Win at This Game

Picture of by Dr David Phelps

by Dr David Phelps


hat’s going on in the markets, with GameStop and all these squeeze plays?

 I’m not involved in it, but I’ve seen a lot of people get sucked into the euphoria of the marketplace…

There’s so much misinformation and manipulation going on, and a lot of naïve people are thinking this is a game they can play too. 

I get it. There’s an adrenaline rush and euphoria in playing any kind of game – it’s like going to Vegas. But you need to realize this is a rigged game and you can’t win. If you see that and still want to play ball with money you don’t mind losing, no problem!

The problem I do see is when people get into that addictive rush and lose perspective – which is easy to do. There are no fundamentals behind this game. The big players, big money, hedge funds, they know how to play it way better than you do – and they have the controls.

That’s why I go back to fundamentals. It’s not sexy, but it’s the road to freedom.

The first level of freedom is getting financial freedom, which everybody’s after. But even if you have a big win and are smart enough to take some chips off the table, now you’ve got to take that capital and put it somewhere you can generate predictable returns.

Are you going to go back to the craps table, roulette wheel, or slot machine and play the same game again? No, the odds are you can’t keep being lucky.

So you’ve got to figure out the long play. That’s what I started doing 40 years ago – I looked at Real Estate as a tangible asset where I could learn the fundamentals, and not get caught in the whipsaw of Wall Street’s volatile markets. I don’t play there, because I can’t win. 

I want to be somewhere where I have some level of control over my money and how it’s going to be invested – and the fundamentals to make sense out of it so I don’t get whipsawed every time the market changes. We’ve had several of those business cycles (resets) since 1980, and I’ve ridden through them all – in fact, on the downslope coming back up again is where I can make the most money.

But that’s not the same as timing these games and squeeze plays going on in the market right now. I’m talking about riding the long waves through – without losing your capital base and having to start back over again.

I’ve done it over and over again in my own life and helped hundreds of other doctors and business owners do the same. It’s about following fundamentals – not get-rich-overnight schemes. If you understand the fundamentals though, you can do it faster than a lot of people think. 

So learn the fundamentals, and recognize if what you’re doing is playing a game – and if you are, don’t stake much to it.

I’ll be doing a webclass next week to dive in more on this topic, so stay tuned for details.
To your freedom!

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