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by Dr David Phelps


’m your advocate – I know who you are. Why?

 Because I am one of you. I am a small business owner, and have been for four decades. I've walked a mile—well, actually, many miles—in your shoes. 

I know what it feels like to have the pressures of dealing with all of the compliance, the regulations, the HR, the patients that are so entitled. And now we have a labor force today that's also entitled, which has been given much of the CARES Act stimulation not to work. So now they don't want to work, and now we can't get enough people to serve the front lines. It's across the board in many industries today.

We have supply line price increases across the board, yet insurance companies are playing the adverse game of taking down reimbursements for businesses and dental practices. So you're stuck in that hard place. Costs are going up; your revenue goes down; you're getting smacked in the middle.

I know what it feels like to toss and turn at night and to have all the pressure of trying to be perfect at what you do (because it requires perfection) and still trying to spin all those plates. It's a tough road, and I know that most of you wish you could take some of the pressure off, so that you didn't feel like you had to crunch that big overhead nut every month all by yourself.

What do I mean by that—all by yourself? Often that's the way it feels because that's how we were trained. We were trained to up our game, get technical expertise, become licensed and credentialed, and go out and serve the public – which is great. It provides a higher level of income (trading-time-for-dollars) than most other businesses or careers… but that's the whole problem. 

It's income that’s dependent upon us and what we do—we have to show up every day. If we’re not there, the revenues don't come in, and we're stressed out. Any kind of income stream that's dependent upon you is vulnerable.

We saw this last year with the COVID pandemic: When the government shut down businesses, if your primary income stream relied on you, you were stuck. Being at the whim and the mercy of the markets, the government, your industry, or many other things that you cannot control is a really tough place to be.

When that's not the case and you have other outlets and options that you’ve built by intention, that gives you peace of mind

You may not be done yet and you may not be financially free, but when you see the light at the end of the tunnel, and that you're on a track to financial freedom with real choices and options – and options soon, not “someday” or at some made up retirement date – then you can start living your life, because life is meant to be lived today.

I know. I was there. I was spinning those plates, and my daughter was sick—and I was trying to hold everything together.

I was feeling the stress and the tension and feeling like I was a failure because everybody else seemed like they had it together and I didn’t—feeling like what was wrong with me?

Well, fast forward a few years. Now I have the blessing and the privilege to actually get behind the scenes with so many hardworking professionals and business owners just like you, and we share the real life stories. The key difference is: I've got a model. I've got a process. I've got a blueprint that actually works.

I am the product of the product. I did it, and many other doctors, dentists, and small business owners have done and are doing the same thing too.

I see over and over again that every member who becomes a part of our Freedom Founders community is way closer—not just a little bit closer—way closer than they thought to financial freedom, which then allows them to have the time freedom that they always wanted, relationship freedom (who you want in your life and who you don't want in your life), and health freedom. So many of us have put off our health because we got so stressed out: “Well, I’ll catch up later”… then you never catch up because things never get better, right?

Then, at last, we ask, are we doing what we are really meant to do in life? Are we finding our purpose, significance, and meaning

I know I wasn't meant to be a dentist for forty years! I did it well for the years I did it. However, while having the push to get me out of the chair and doing something else was hard, in retrospect, it was also a blessing because it pushed me out of that comfort zone. It made me look at options—not for me but for my daughter—that opened the door for me.

Today I get to work with people, encourage people, and run with people who I love to be with.

I don't ever deal with staff who I don't like. I don't deal with insurance companies. I don't deal with entitled patients or consumers who don't appreciate what I do and who want me to take care of everything for them. I don't have to deal with any of that, and neither should you – ever.

Now, maybe you're dealing with that right now. I get it. But there is a way out. You need to buckle up and decide now—not next year, not in two years—decide that you want a different track, because if you don't make that decision, nothing's going to change for you.

In fact, I will predict nothing’s going to change for you not because you're not trying hard enough, not because you’re not taking enough CE, not because you’re a loser – no. Nothing’s going to change because the market will not allow you to thrive in the future.

By all standards, you've done amazingly well—but whatever got you to where you are today, whatever level of success, income, or practice model you have—is not going to get you to where you want to go. It's not going to happen.

You have got to be willing to make some changes, and that's a scary part of life, isn’t it?

That's why Freedom Founders organically was created: I saw there was a need for my fellow colleagues and practitioners to get off the treadmill. They’re great people and they do great work, but the treadmill is real.

And getting off that treadmill in a way that has any kind of certainty, so that one can have peace of mind about living the rest of their life and not running out of money, is a big deal today—and it's not going to get easier. The world has changed. The winds have shifted; the waves of debt and inflation are here to stay.

If you've been working off an old model that you thought was maybe going to get you to your financial destination, it's not going to work—but you can ride the wave if you know how to use the forces that are affecting our country today. Whether you like them or not, you've got to learn how to run with them and not against them. 

So I invite you, if you are looking for a better way out—a blueprint, a pathway to sustainable, predictable freedom and certainty— check out Freedom founders

We're going to qualify you, just like I want you to qualify us. If you're the kind of person I think you are, and you're ready to make a change in your life, this could be the chance that you've been looking for.

Come with your skepticism and your questions. 

I'm all for it, because I won't let you in if I don't think there's a good fit. Fair enough?
To your freedom!

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