I’m an Outlier – But not as Much as You Might Think

Many people think I’m a bit of an outlier.

They think I’m a little bit different, that I took a different path, or that I got lucky to be able to exit my clinical practice several years ago.

But I’m not that much of an outlier… I just started early.

I started early on two paths.

While I was still in dental school, I bought my first real estate property and continued to buy from there.

I learned how to buy, learned how to negotiate, and learned how to use the right type of leverage.

Fifteen years later, I was able to exit my practice. I know how to fast-track investments.

I’m not saying I took the perfect path for everyone, but it was right for me.

And you don’t have to follow my same path, because my path was not easy.

I’m an outlier in different ways too. I don’t want you to compare your life with anybody else.

I just want you to be true to yourself.

As a dentist, I was good enough (probably in the top 20%), but I was not the best.

In my heart, I was always entrepreneurial.

I did well in my practice, but there was still a ceiling to how high I could go.

The freedom I could achieve was limited. I was not optimizing.

Conversely, the real estate I was doing was being optimized. I learned how to do it well, how to build equity, net worth and passive cash flow.

Leaving my clinical practice when I did, for the sake of my daughter, was a good thing for me, because it freed me up to be my true self.

Today I get to solve people’s problems.

I help my colleagues learn how to exit their practice, how to build equity, wealth, and sustainable, predictable cash flow.

I love what I do today.

Dentistry was a great starting point for me; it was a very traditional path.

I wonder how many people out there are in dentistry because other people told them it was the right thing to do?

Today dentistry is a different ball game altogether – it’s not the same as it was before.

Now what if you had that Plan B, and you started working on it now?

What if I showed you how you could get to freedom in 5-7 years or less – not 15 years like it took me the first time?

Don’t quit or throw away your practice. But what if you had the ability to choose when and how you want to work? To not deal with all the insurance crap if you didn’t want to?

In Freedom Founders, that’s what we help people do. We help people become free for life.

People who can now do more of what they want to do – like giving back, mentoring other people, and spending time with their family.

Don’t put it off until someday, because someday may never come.

To your freedom,

– David

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