Your Sacrifice Period

There’s a sacrifice period in everyone’s life.

There’s high school, college, and the beginning of your career. Each period requires sacrifice to achieve a desired outcome.

We are taught that we have to work hard in life, and then the payoff comes later.

But how long should someone continue in the sacrifice period?

Some people think that the sacrifice period should never end.

But that’s a specific mindset, and a self-limiting belief.

The old adage of “retirement age” doesn’t make sense anymore.

In fact, I hate the word “retirement” – that usually means people stop doing anything productive, and essentially retire from life.

Instead of thinking of retirement age, you should be thinking of an age where you can be free.

What does freedom actually mean?

I believe it means you can do what you want to do, when you want to do it, and with whom you want to do it.

Does that mean that you don’t do anything at all?

No – we all want to be contributing in some type of way, even if we don’t have to go to work.

For freedom, when should that time come?

Should you have to wait until that old adage retirement age to be free?

If you set out in life with a mindset that you are going to work until retirement age, then you are limiting yourself.

You are staying on that treadmill, even when you don’t have to.

What about having more freedom in the next few years?

What about working less IN the business, and working more ON the business? What about doing less and getting more from it?

Personally, I want more time. I use my monetary resources to buy back time, by paying others to do the things I don’t want to do, or am not as skilled at.

This gives me freedom.

The key is converting capital into sustainable, predictable cash flow.

Freedom, even in degrees, can also be yours. What percentage of freedom will you reach in the next year, next five years, or next ten years?

It’s amazing what happens when you get to some level of freedom.

Set milestones by your age. How much freedom do you want to have by age 35, 45, 75?

Let those be the basis for your freedom goals – not arbitrary numbers that society gives you.

If you’d like more insight into where you’re at on your freedom journey, we’ve created a free Retirement Scorecard you can complete in just a few minutes!

To your freedom,

– David

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