Intentional Legacy

Intentional Legacy

When I come to certain mastermind groups, I share what’s on my heart…important things I’m dealing with at the moment.

Last time, it was about my dad. He had been diagnosed with esophageal cancer.

That really brings perspective into one’s life.

Freedom Founders is about a counterculture.

A counterculture to what we have going on in society: the way we think, the way we’re indoctrinated at school, the way we go about our training and careers, etc.

I want to change the way people think.

We all have a mission.

And our mission deals directly with generational legacy.

It’s not just about making a lot of money, or building a bigger business…

There has to be a purpose behind it.


Nothing has been easy for me – I tend to do things the hard way.

Anyone else feel like that?

It’s perseverance that gets us through.

If you have a real mission and purpose in life, that is what will get you through the hard times.

When something happens, it helps us to remember that we are all mortal.

We then have to ask…

What am I doing all this for?

We’re all drivers, we all want to be successful, and we all want to provide for our families.

We want to measure our success by numbers.

But, what are we really doing all this for?

Stage 3 esophageal cancer makes you pause, reflect, and then ask…

Why do I do what I do?

What impact am I having in my community, and in my family?

What kind of generational legacy am I leaving?

What values am I passing on?

That is why we do what we do…

We want to have something amazing to pass on.

Not just financially, but through a legacy.

It’s about passing on core values and purpose onto the next generation.

It’s important to give kids the gift of resourcefulness, and not just hand them money.

How can we give back to our kids, so they can honestly take root in the counterculture?

You have to be intentional about it. You have to make time for those things.

Once you are at the end of the your life, you don’t want to have regrets.

Death and mortality are real.

Can we have a conversation about this? This is real life.

We are building a legacy, whether we focus on it or not.

This is not an option. It’s by default.

What you are doing today is what you are doing to build your legacy.

You are building a legacy right now.

The question is: Will you build your legacy intentionally, or let it happen by chance?

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