Investing Without Headaches

Don't Be A Real Estate Horror Story

I've fought through my share of tenants and toilets.

When I was getting started with real estate, nobody told me I could skip all that.

Listen up, you can skip all that.

Learn how to avoid the common nightmares, watch the video below.

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“It was absolute hell for our family.”

That's my friend describing the kind of real estate investing that his father dabbled in.

He goes on to explain why it doesn't have to be that way.

Check out the discussion.

Inside look…

  • Which markets are the most stable.
  • Balancing principal cost vs. cash flow.
  • Why a 30% return sometimes becomes 0% (or worse).
  • How to make better returns investing less of your own money.

Do right by your family, skip the learning curve (painful mistakes). Learn from ours.

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To your freedom!
David Phelps, D.D.S
(“Retired” – and loving it!)

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2 thoughts on “Investing Without Headaches

  1. Just excellent. You are just like the Mississippi River, you just keep rolling along & keep contributing.
    Thanks for adding put my buddy Kyle to you email letter list. This marketing piece will be good for her to be aware of. She was in RE prior to my finding her.

    Stay safe, be happy & keep on trucking.

  2. Hello David,. Remember me. WE met 1982 at Jimmy Napier or Jack miller. Glad to here from you and that your doing well.Just wanted to say Hello.

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