Is Investing Like Rocket Science?

Is investing like rocket science? Is it something you have to study and get an MBA or Ph.D. in to truly understand what you’re doing?”

The answer – it depends.

Where are you investing? What are you investing in? 

What’s your timeline and risk tolerance

Are you advising or investing for other people?

There are so many possible constructs that it’s impossible to answer that question across the board. 

But here’s my personal perspective:

#1 Invest in yourself and your education first. Balance out your formal education with an apprenticeship or other situations where you can learn from the right people.

#2 build up enough capital base to invest in something. Yes, this means you’ll be trading some time for dollars at first.

When I was in school, 30-40 years ago, society said the path to success and freedom was to get the highest grades in school, then move into a profession like accounting, engineering, or dentistry.

But that’s not true!

When your income is based on what you do, it’s transactional.

You provide a product or service and get paid – which is great, but you have to repeat it the next day, and the next, and so on.

When do you get to get off the treadmill and enjoy real freedom in life?

Piling up money is one step – but you want to begin investing that money into capital assets as soon as you can.

Most people default to Wall Street, which they think is “Easy street.” 

I’m not a Wall Street basher; it is where you’ll start in life while you’re still investing in yourself.

But the best place to invest your money is in your business or practice. 

Once you’ve got it working well and you’re extracting a good income with money left over, where do you invest it?

I go to capital assets – businesses and Real Estate. 

The people who’ve made real wealth and achieved real freedom in this country didn’t do it in the stock market.

You can get to a point where you have some wealth in the stock market, but it’s a long road mired in volatility, ups and downs, and lost chunks of time where you sometimes have to start all over again.

I’m not saying you’ll have a perfect record with capital assets, but you’ll have much more control.

With control comes the need for some education – but not a degree in rocket science.

I learned to invest in people that have the operations to help me develop a real business that’s not dependent on me for everything.

You don’t need a lot of knowledge to do some basic investing, save money, and become more disciplined. 

You will, however, need to learn how to leverage your capital so that it’s working hard for you -ut you don’t have to know everything to get started and make headway.

To your freedom!


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