Are you living or just existing?

America just celebrated the 240th anniversary of its independence from England.

Ironically, the Brits just rejected rule by the European Union aristocrats and voted to “Brexit.”

How about you? How did you vote? Or did you?

Or did you just gamely participate in the past-time festivities because that’s what you’ve been trained to do…

You’ve been told you are “free.” But are you really?

You took a day off, the 4th of July, because you were given permission.

So, you’re not really free.

Can you do what you want, when you want and with whom you want?

I wasn't free for many years of my life and career in dentistry.

I did what everyone told me to do…I got the grades, earned the scholarships and climbed the educational ladder to the promised land.

I took hundreds of hours of CE and invested in the industry/manufacturer endorsed technology…because that was the promise.

But what happened to that promise?

I went to work every week for just over twenty years like a good foot soldier because that is what I was told to do.

And in return for that behavior, I was promised to have a better than average lifestyle and be able to retire someday to the “good life.”

Fortunately a health crisis smacked me in the face (most of you know that story). Without that wake up call, I'd still be chasing the retirement mirage today…

I had the shrouds of propaganda ripped away – the blinders were off and I had my first opportunity to cry “foul!”

It hurt and I was apprehensive – who was I to go against the majority rule?

Instead of continuing to passively participate in the lies, I made a DECISION.

NO MORE! I was done!

The false security provided by others, the establishment, my peers, and especially the American Dental Association, would no longer chain me to a robotic life.

Fortunately, I found out I wasn’t alone – I was now part of a very small minority – less than 1% who also had elected to go against the grain.

Finding the right community saved me. Going solo is tough – it’s easy to cave in.

If you’re tired of “working for the man” and are committed to real freedom, security and peace of mind for you and your family, I invite you to engage an opportunity.

That’s right – engage – take a step forward. Pledge your allegiance – not to a false idol or a, but to your own life and freedom.

If that’s you, then I invite you to set up a personal strategy call with me.

No sales, no pitches.

I’m on a mission to impact as many people as I can. If you’re ready, then stop procrastinating and step up to the plate.

Go to:, fill out the short survey and I’ll get schedule a call to talk about your REAL path to freedom.

Do you choose liberty or safety?

Have you voted? Or are you still waiting for approval?

Govern yourself accordingly,

David Phelps

P.S. Nothing changes until you do – fail to act and life will continue as it has been. If that’s ok with you, then do nothing. You’re just existing.

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