This Huge Lie Makes Me Mad

Everything they told me about retirement was wrong… and I was scared.

Today I have the honor and privilege to coach and counsel dentists from all over the U.S. and Canada on developing their Freedom Blueprint… because I want to.

Many fight with a severe guilt complex about investing their hard-earned money. It's been pounded into them to focus on the ONE THING – their practice.

Some will never escape that death trap.

Who fed this to us?

Parents, teachers, professors, CPA’s, financial advisors, the protector of the industry, the American Dental Association.

How can you argue against advice from that lineup?

The fact is, you can, and should.

But it’s not easy.

The brainwashing is deep-seated, all the “expert opinion” is a heavy yoke.

This huge lie makes me mad: active labor at an above-average pay scale over many years combined with a savings and investment plan appropriated to others for safe-keeping will result in freedom.

In other words, work hard/make lots of money + give it to someone who pretends they know what they're doing = safe and secure retirement.

Really? Are we buying this anymore?

By the American Dental Association’s own statistics, only 4% of dentists can retire by age 65 and retain the same lifestyle they had during their working years.

That’s from the ADA! The very lobby that is supposed to be looking after the security of its constituent members!

So the premise is wrong – completely!

The traditional financial roadmap is off course – we're wrecked in the ditch!

Blinders on, head down and towing the practice is the way that most have been programmed. That is not a path to real freedom.

Here's The Truth…

Your practice is the engine that drives the opportunity to freedom.

Dentists, if they are to survive and thrive and create a real freedom lifestyle before the imaginary retirement age of 65, must adopt a new mindset and new set of action plans.

That’s what we do at the Freedom Founders Mastermind Community.

Scary? You bet it is – at first. Until you meet the other fifty+ members who have already graduated to freedom or are well on their way.

We go against the grain. We do not follow the majority.

We are doctors who are tired of working for the government with higher taxes, managed care insurance dictates, and trying in vain to compete against Wall Street corporate money.

Each one of us decided “enough is enough!” This is your opportunity.

The question is, will you take it? Are you willing to pay the price?

Or will you shrink back into a life of just existing…without hope or a prayer for anything different?

(I consider each one of our members as “the man in the arena” that Teddy used to speak about…)

It’s a choice…only you can make it.

Here’s to your freedom,
David Phelps

(Retired from active labor – enjoying living in freedom).

P.S. We have limited guest spaces for the August Freedom Founders mastermind meeting. If you are on the fence, best decide quickly. It’s by application only:

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