Choosing the Long Path or Short Path

With most things in life, there’s a short path and a long path.

A short path is one where you get help.

You get education. You take courses or go through a certification process.

You have a mentor or a coach. You're part of a group that’s on the same path. That's the fast way.

The long path is to do it yourself.

You put in the work. You put in the time.

And it's okay to pick one or the other, but you should be intentional about which one you choose.

When we're younger, we typically have more time and less money, so we do things the harder way because that's where we are in life.

We have to put our labor and time in, then we can gradually speed up implementation by investing in ourselves, our businesses, our practices.

No, it can’t happen overnight, but you need to make that shift as soon as you can.

The other day, there was a dentist who commented on one of my Facebook posts.

This particular dentist had admittedly tried a lot of different kinds of real estate investing. He talked about having done land flips, commercial property, vacation rentals, etc.

He said that the management companies sucked out all the profits, and he had tenant issues, damage, costs, and so forth.

Long story short, he was very down on real estate investing and said that as a busy doctor, he just didn’t have time to fool with it.

He was pretty negative about what I teach, and I understand that.

I just think he has a limited mindset because of his personal experience.

Look, we have experiences in life. Some are good and some are bad. And the bad ones put a bad taste in our mouth.

Whatever that experience was, we don't want to go back there again.

But here’s the thing: Many times, we had a bad experience because we didn't know what we were doing.

We tried something that we thought would be a good thing, but we did it on our own.

We tried to do it by ourselves without any help, without any coaching, without any mentorship at all.

That's where I think this younger dentist got in trouble. And I applauded him for taking the chance, taking the risk, stepping out, and learning some lessons.

But why reinvent the wheel when you don't have to?

The reason why I do what I do in Freedom Founders is because of some of the setbacks I had, but learning how to fast track what I do.

I don't teach real estate investment like anybody else does. It's not get-rich-quick, or going out to flip houses with land, or dealing with tenants or management issues.

There's a much better way to do real estate when you're a busy professional, but you’re not going to figure it out while flying solo.

If things haven't worked out for you yet, don't blame yourself. Don't go with regrets.

If you're still interested in finding the path to freedom, start by finding the people who have it.

There are people who’ve gone before you. They’ve done what you want to do.

Don't be shy or let pride or ego get in your way. We're all smart people in certain areas, but we can't know it all.

To admit that fact might just be the first step toward your freedom.

If you’re willing to recognize that you need other people to help you get there, and if you’re willing to do whatever it takes to find them, then I’ve got good news for you…

You’ve just chosen the short path.

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