Making It Big On Little Deals

Making It Big on Little Deals

Let’s talk about your investment strategies.

Taking discretionary money, part of your income; that you don’t have to put into your practice…

The extra money you are putting aside to put into investments for the long term.

Your Plan B.



You need to be putting money away on a regular basis.

Be disciplined.

I am very much in favor of controlling where I put my money.

I am not an advocate of Wall Street, i.e. stocks, bonds, 401K’s, mutual funds.

I want to control my money, and you should too.

Controlling your money takes time, discipline, and commitment; but it’s worth it.

Wall street has not been a good steward of funds, for anyone.

I see a lot of young people who are looking outside the box, and not following the traditional Wall Street mantra.

Their attitude is good, but here’s the problem

They are trying to find the best new investment, i.e. hitting the ‘home run’.

Finding something that they can latch onto.

There’s an adrenaline rush when you play in that arena.

It’s like gambling in Las Vegas.

But, that’s not the path to a sustainable financial future.

It feels good to hit a ‘home run’, but you have to ask, it that sustainable?

When you hit a lot of homeruns, you also have a lot of strikeouts.

When you average it all out, it’s not beneficial.

Strikeouts don’t always show up, but they are still there.

Strikeouts drag down a ‘home run’ deal.

I’m all about making it big on little deals.

It’s the compound effect; sustainable, regular, predictable returns over the long-term, done with tax-mitigation strategies.

It’s important to not get killed with taxes.

Create an incredible financial platform for yourself, to orchestrate, and have cash flow for the rest of your life.

Real capital assets, not financial paper, is where I like to be.

I can control real capital assets.

An example of real capital assets is real estate.

I teach you how to have those assets, without getting your hands dirty.

Why invest in smaller deals instead of bigger deals?

The number one reason is risk. The bigger the deal, the more risk there is.

There is a much bigger risk on bigger deals.

If the deal falls flat, you have lost time as well as money.

It’s opportunity-cost that you have let go.

Do you want to be free, or do you want to brag?

The second reason is, less competition.

There’s lots of money chasing yield today.The bigger the pile of money (i.e. hedge funds, Wall Street, etc.), the bigger the deal they are looking for.

Big money is not going to play the smaller levels, like single-family houses.

The bigger deals won’t play there; they cannot be flexible and adaptable like we can.

The smaller deals are the perfect place for you to put your money.

The bigger deals can beat us hands down, because of their inside information.

Smaller deals have less competition; they are more sustainable, simple, and predictable.

I have a portfolio of equity-producing houses. I also do lending, secured by houses.

It’s predictable, regular money, every month. I don’t have problems with it…

It’s all about having the right assets, and creating a great network; the people that you build connections with.

I am very confident in my platform.

I have been doing this for 37 years; I have gone through many up and down cycles.

I have figured out a way to roll right through these cycles.

We are not trying to hit the big ‘home runs’.

Steady and predictable cash-flow, all the way through.

Index to inflation, it’s the way to go.

Complexity creates confusion, since there are a lot of moving parts.

Confusion is one of the biggest issues we have.

Confusion also makes us vulnerable to be taken advantage of.

You have to be careful…

You have to know who you are dealing with when money is involved.When there is a lot of money on the table, people change.

You have more control over smaller deals.

Big deals have more complexity, and you won’t be on the inside for those deals.

Keep it simple.

I want some level of control in my investments.

I don’t want to be hands-on, and I don’t have to.

There is a way you can control and set up your financial future.

You have to spend some time, invest some capital, find the right people, and then the world can be yours.

Sacrifice just five years, and then for the rest of your life, you can be free.

If I can do it, then so can you.

But you have to decide.


One way to start is by reading 3 free chapters of our book, “From High Income to High Net Worth.”


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