Strategic Alliances – Jason Medley Interview

Strategic Alliances Jason Medley

Collective Genius started as a side project.

There was a need for a mastermind in the real estate investing space.

The “why” of Collective Genius has changed and morphed over time.

It’s about having an organization that is driven around human beings, who are intentional in other areas of their life – i.e. as men, women, fathers, mothers, husbands, and wives.

Living with the same level of intentionality, and achieving greatness in other areas of their life, while still doing big things in the real estate space.

In every industry, there are people that are type-A, driven, perseverant, not afraid to work, possess strong characteristics, etc.  

What makes us better human beings?

It’s not all about a numbers game. Numbers are important – we can use them to measure progress.

Numbers are a scorecard in some respects. But there are things that are more important than numbers, such as core values.

Collective Genius focuses on core values.

What’s inherent in what we believe?

Key principles like having integrity, being part of a strong community, being a go-getter.

Core values and strong principles are what makes Collective Genius so special.

Collective Genius is a unique group of people.

A good mastermind has a lot to do with the caliber of the people involved.

Are they doing big things?

Are they running successful businesses?

Are they smart, intelligent, and most importantly, giving?

The mastermind community is all about giving.

Giving is the fuel to the fire.

There are other masterminds out there, but Collective Genius is different.

What each person has is not duplicatable.

Collective Genius focuses on giving.

Jay Abraham said that in order to mitigate unforeseen risk, it’s important to have strategic alliances.

People that you can collaborate with, partner with, share in revenues and profits with, and also, for the opportunities.

Collective Genius is all about strategic alliances. People in the community doing business together.

Strategic alliances are built on core values.

We co-venture, and align ourselves in different ways.

The synergy of those alliances builds us up, and makes us all stronger.

The synergy of those alliances is key.

Collective Genius is powerful.

Being in a mastermind is an insurance policy.

Stay strategically aligned in case things change or shift.

A mastermind is a place to lean on.

Collective Genius and Freedom Founders is a natural, organic, synergistic relationship.

Talented real estate investors who can produce volume, coupled with high education.

Using a healthy, active income to build passive income.

It’s difficult to build passive income without the fuel, the money.

That is why Collective Genius and Freedom Founders work.

There are opportunities that are only accessible through the mastermind community.

Do you have any strategic alliances in your personal or professional life?

See what it looks like in action (Warning: It’s powerful and continues to change my life)

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