The ONE THING No Dentist is Doing – Critical for Retirement

How much do you need? A big question.

How much do you need to live out your years with security and peace of mind?

What’s the number?

For many years, I didn’t know my number, and I was a mess. What if I didn’t have enough? When would I be able to drop the handpiece for good?

Here’s the good news: I was closer than I thought…

When you calculate how much YOU really need, my guess is you’ll learn the same thing.

That’s basically what I shared with Howard Farran last week on the DentalTown Podcast, Dentistry Uncensored.

He interviewed me for an hour. We had a blast.

You can listen or watch the video recording here.

During the interview, you will hear how to access the tool that our members use to calculate how much they need to retire.

First step to freedom: Get clarity and get control.

Know your destination.

To your freedom,

Dr. David Phelps

P.S. Clarity and control is all we do at Freedom Founders.

Less question marks and more sighs of relief. See for yourself.

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